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August 11, 2014

Farewell and Peppa Pig

Dear Loyal Readers,   As promised, this is the final WAM Post. Write About Me has served as a great lifestyle blog but I am focussing on other writing projects right now. A special thanks to all the awesome readers and fabulous contributors! To see this blog off here’s Peppa Pig and the crew at […]

by Naomi Tsvirko
June 23, 2014

The second last post

don't look back

    Dear WAMsters,   I have made a big decision, after a Peppa Pig Final  blog post, I will no longer blog here. I will instead be blogging on my personal website (www.naomitsvirko.com). I have loved blogging here and enjoyed all the opportunities that have come my way because of WAM but it is […]

by Naomi Tsvirko
May 14, 2014

PJ Giveaway for Peppa Pig’s Friendship Month

PJ Pack Giveaway Image

Peppa Pig is a big deal in our house. As soon as the Peppa theme music begins, my little girl sequels in delight and runs toward the television. She sits there quietly until the show is over and Peppa’s family is rolling on the floor laughing. My little girl laughs too. It gives her so […]

by Naomi Tsvirko
April 30, 2014

Book Review: Hate is such a Strong Word by Sarah Ayoub

hate is such a strong word

  WAM Intern Camelia Nehme reviews Hate is such a Strong Word by Sarah Ayoub   Hate is such a Strong Word by Sarah Ayoub follows the journey of self-discovery of seventeen-year-old Sophie Kazzi, as she tries to figure out where she fits in.   With strong Lebanese cultural influences that follow her, and wanting […]

by Naomi Tsvirko
April 15, 2014

Gingerlilly Easter Bunny Giveaway

Gingerlilly Bunny Easter

    With Easter in sight, many parents are getting anxious about the sugar rush that comes with endless chocolate egg gifting.   Enter Gingerlilly bunnies, these cute little guys will hop their way into gift bags without parental worry. My kids love them, they’re super light and cuddly!   You could win one too […]

by Naomi Tsvirko
March 18, 2014

Bite-size Book Review: The Lost Girls by Wendy James

Wendy James The Lost Girls

  A bite size book review of The Lost Girls by Wendy James   Written by WAM intern Maria Nehme   The Lost Girls by Australian author Wendy James follows the lives of a family as they recall the death of their cousin Angie and how her murder has impacted on their lives.   The novel takes […]

by Naomi Tsvirko
January 29, 2014

Maronites on a Mission: Helping Poverty-stricken Philippines


  When living in a world obsessed with selfies and the pursuit of possessions, it’s always refreshing to hear about the journeys of those looking to help others instead of themselves. Leaving our comfort-zones is difficult but failing to do so may mean we lose out on some of the best experiences of our lives…  […]

by Naomi Tsvirko
January 23, 2014

Holiday Snapshots and Life with a Second Baby

Chinese Gardens Sydney

Being a new mum can be daunting, after I had my first child I thought my life was over. I loved my daughter immensely but I had a very narrow vision of motherhood, I focused on the limitations I faced. I kept thinking about what I was missing but after having my second child I […]

by Naomi Tsvirko
December 30, 2013

Review:G|Drive Slim and Mobile Hard Drives


    Stan Tsvirko goes on assignment for WAM, reviewing the G|DRIVE Hard Drive Range.   To G|DRIVE or not to G|DRIVE that is the question. Recently I had a representative of G-Technology contacts my wife with a request to trial some of their new portable hard drives (slim and mobile). Now I would like to […]

by Stan Tsvirko
November 13, 2013

Farewell Newman: The Neighbour we Love to Loathe


    Have you been lucky enough to escape having a ‘Newman’ as your neighbour or did you too have to deal with unneighbourly antics?   Seinfeld fans will recognise the character Newman as the iconic annoying neighbour who took pleasure in scheming against the show’s main character Jerry. Jerry often refers to his neighbour […]

by Naomi Tsvirko
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